15 & 16 Pleasant Street Connector - Decision Granted on February 4, 2016

Pursuant to Sections II.B.6, II.F, IV.A, IV.B, IV.C, IV.E, V.F, VI.E, and VI.F of the Framingham Zoning By-Law the Framingham Planning Board will hold a public hearing to consider the application of Normandy Real Estate Partners for an extension of time to the previously approved Planning Board Decisions for Site Plan Review and Special Permit for Proximity to Principal Use, Reduction in Loading Requirement, Reduction is Landscape Buffer, increase in Floor Area Ratio, and Land Disturbance at the property located at 15 and 16 Pleasant Street Connector and 86 New York Avenue Rear. The property is zoned Technology Park (TP) and General Manufacturing (M). The property is also located in the Highway Corridor (HC) Overlay District. Said parcels are listed as Framingham Assessor's Parcel IDs: 095-83-5965, 095-83-3846, 095-83-2486.

Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Questions and Comments
If you have questions or comments regarding the project located at 15 & 16 Pleasant Street Connector please contact the 
Planning Board Office (Subject Line: 15 & 16 Pleasant Street Connector)