1624 Worcester Road - Decision Granted on December 3, 2015

Pursuant to Sections II.B and VI.F of the Framingham Zoning By-law the Framingham Planning Board will hold a public hearing to consider the application of Volador Realty Trust for a Special Permit for an automobile dealer and Site Plan Review to construct a parking lot to be used for vehicle inventory storage and off-street parking by Bernardi Toyota at 1624-1626 Worcester Road. The property is zoned Business (B) and located in the Highway Corridor Overlay District (HC). Said parcel is listed as Framingham Assessor's Parcel ID: 097-32-7897-000.
Questions and comments are always welcome - if you have questions or comments regarding the project at 1626 Worcester Road please contact the Planning Board Office (Subject Line: 1626 Worcester Road)
1626 Worcester Road

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