Scoop The Poop and Don't Pollute


Pollution and Common Courtesy


Did you realize that dog waste pollutes our lakes and streams?


Did you know that dog waste left on the ground does not fertilize the ground or just disappear?


Instead, it is picked up by storm water runoff and carried into our local streams, ponds, and lakes. This water is not treated or cleaned before it enters the water bodies, so pet waste is a significant contributor to water pollution.


YOU can make a difference by pledging to pick up after your pet and encouraging others to make it too!


Join other Framingham pups& their owners who have made the pledge!

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What are those flags? 

You may have noticed, if you have been to Macomber recently, these flags that are planted in various locations. Have you also noticed what they stand for? We are trying to bring awareness to the amount of dog waste that isn’t cleaned up after, and is left behind.  Every place a flag is planted, is a place a furry friend left a surprise. 

No one likes dog poop. It isn’t a pleasant sight to see, it is a misfortune to step in, and most importantly, it poses an abundance of health risks to humans. When dog poop isn’t cleaned up after, it is left behind along with all of the bacteria it carries. That bacteria can cause infections and diseases. Many people are under the impression that if their dog waste is left behind, it will decompose, or even fertilize the ground it is left on. In actuality, though, the bacteria never decomposes, and makes its way into the groundwater and nearby waterbodies. 

The best thing you can do is dispose of your pet’s waste properly, using a baggie to pick it up and throw it away. It should always make it straight in a trash barrel, and never in a storm drain (causing more pollution). 

We hope that this visual project will inspire more people to “Scoop the Poop”, and keep the area clean and safe for everyone. To take our pledge and receive a free pet waste dispenser, click the image above.