Union Avenue Area Water and Sewer Improvements

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Union Avenue Area Water, Sewer and Stormwater Improvements

This project includes the removal of pavement and concrete road base, replacement of sewer and water pipes and services, improvements to drainage and stormwater treatment systems and reconstruction of the road. The existing water mains are 90-120 years of age and are near the end of their useful life. Replacement is needed to ensure adequate fire protection and domestic supply.  The sewer pipes are also approximately 100 years old, undersized, susceptible to high infiltration rates and frequently experience blockages. The project includes the replacement/rehabilitation of existing clay sewer pipes with new PVC sewer mains, cured in place pipe liners (CIPP), sewer manholes and sewer service laterals. The drainage infrastructure will also be improved and two water quality units will be installed as part of this project.

This project is scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2016. The limits of the First Phase of the project, which will occur in 2016 and potentially the Spring of 2017, will be from the Union Avenue at Main Street intersection to the Sudbury River  Bridge. The Second and Third Phases, that will occur in 2017 and potentially extend into 2018, will extend from the Sudbury River Bridge to Walnut St.

During construction a traffic detour will be in place 24/7. Access to all properties along Union Avenue will be maintained via the detour.