Solid Waste Management Department

What We Do:
  • Management and oversight of the town’s solid waste and recycling programs.
  • Collection of materials by means of curbside and containerized collection programs, the leaf and yard waste drop-off area, and the recycling center.
  • Collection of refuse and recycling from 18,462 dwelling units weekly, averaging more than 3,300 stops and 142,000 pounds per day collected.
  • 2015 Sanitation Calendar

Recycling Opportunities
We are working hard to make recycling easier in order to encourage a greater participation rate. The most important initiative is the curbside single-stream collection program.

  • Materials no longer need to be separated by type at the curb.
  • All recyclable materials may now be placed into 1 container designated for collection.
  • The sorting is now performed at a materials recovery facility.