Corporate Innovation District (CID)

The CID has been proposed to provide better land use practices with a more efficient use of the land in the 9/90 area of Framingham, an important economic engine of the Town. The CID encourages an increase in development density, mixed use buildings, energy efficient building technology, economic development, complete streets, and increased open space and trail connections.

South East Framingham Study Area

This study area is an analysis of a portion of southeast Framingham on Route 135, ranging from Blandin Avenue to the Natick town line.

Framingham Parking Report

This study was conducted to review existing parking requirements in Framingham, compare them to comparably sized communities, and provided recommendations. 

Complete Streets Policy

This policy, written by Planning Board staff, was adopted by the Board of Selectmen on January 6, 2015. By adopting a 'Complete Streets' policy, it shows a commitment by the Town to making streets accessible for walkers, bikers, and drivers of all ages and abilities. The policy will also provide the Town the opportunity to receive state funding to carry out 'Complete Streets' initiatives.  

Framingham Planning Board Annual Reports

This report is a compilation of the activity of the Framingham Planning Board during the 2015 and 2014 calendar years. It includes projects permitted, tax revenue generated, discussion of Planning Board initiatives, and more.

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Route 135
Parking Lines
Complete Streets
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