Beautification Program

To encourage visual improvements that serve as a catalyst for further investment in the general area. It is anticipated that physical improvements will include but not necessarily be limited to upgrades to signs, facades, surface parking lots, planters, and landscaping.

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Eligibility and Guidelines
Open to all businesses in Framingham, but targeted to properties located on visible or high-traffic areas such as Routes 135, 30, 9, Concord and Waverly Streets.
Applicant must either own their property or have a letter of authorization for beautification from the property owner.
Property must not have any outstanding obligations (i.e. no back taxes owed, town liens, etc.)
The project must have all required town approvals and permits. There is no permit required for basic landscape improvements however, please consult the Building Department (508.532-5500) if there are any structures or signage being modified.
This is a reimbursement grant - payable when the work is completed.
-Owner selects vendor
-Owner must receive a minimum of 3 bids.
-Reimbursement up to 50% of the total project cost.
-Maximum of $3,500.
-Grant is payable when project is completed and all relevant receipts submitted and approved by the town.
-Receipts must be itemized and C&ED staff will inspect and certify project completion.
While funding through this program is available to any Framingham business or commercial property owner who meets the criteria, the recently published Strategic Economic Development Plan for Nobscot and Saxonville states that a "district-based facade, landscape and signage improvement program would help to beautify and invite positive private investment into the district" (p. 45). To this end, the EDIC has chosen to place an emphasis upon projects within the Villages. It is hoped that doing so will help to reinvigorate these vital commercial centers while also complimenting the CDBG funded Sign & Facade Program which is focused on Framingham's Downtown.  
Contact the Division of Community & Economic Development for more information.
Town of Framingham
Community and Economic Development
(508) 532-5455

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