The Framingham Historic District Commission (HDC) is comprised of 7 regular members and 5 alternates appointed for overlapping 3 year terms by the Board of Selectmen. Insofar as possible, 5 of the 7 regular members, and all 5 alternates, should be from the following categories. The remaining 2 regular members will be "members at-large".
  • Architect
  • Historic District Resident
  • Licensed Realtor
  • Member of the Framingham Historical Society
  • South Middlesex-licensed lawyer
Historic District Commission Members
Name Position Term Ends
Gerald Couto, Chair Architect 2015
Jim Kubat Architect (alternate) 2016
Henry Field Attorney 2017
Vacant Attorney (alternate) n/a
Vacant District Resident n/a
Calvin Smith District Resident (alternate) 2015
Helen Lemoine History Center 2017
Amy Finstein History Center (alternate) 2015
Sue Bernstein, Vice-Chair Realtor 2015
Ted Grenham Realtor (alternate) 2017
Julie Ferrari At-Large 2016
Vacant At-Large n/a