Water Department


Recently, Blake Lukis, Framingham Water and Wastewater Department Director, Ashley Dunn, Framingham Water and Wastewater Senior Engineer and Town of Framingham Consultant Robert Mackie of BETA, presented a paper on Framingham's Water Distribution System and it was published in the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Journal this month.  
Below is the paper that was presented. Reprinted with permission of the Journal of New England Water Works Association, V129 NO.3, September, 2015.

Framingham Water Distribution System Analysis

Responsibilities of the Framingham Water Department

  • Distribution of a public potable water supply through a complex system of pumps, pipes, valves, and reservoirs.
  • Provision of fire suppression service to the 17,000 residential and commercial accounts.
  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) Annual Drinking Water Report
  • 250 miles of pipe
  • 17,000 service connections
  • 2,000 hydrants
  • 4,800 gate valves
  • 22,000 meters
  • Four pumping stations
  • Two booster stations
  • Six above ground water tanks (storage capacity -nearly 9 million gallons)