Inspectional Services

The Inspectional Services Division consists of the Building Department, Zoning Enforcement, Plumbing and Gas Permits and Inspections, Electrical Permits and Inspections, Sign regulations, Code and Nuisance Enforcement, and Weights and Measures.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for all construction that is not an ordinary repair as defined by the latest edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

Plumbing, Gas & Wiring Permits
Plumbing, gas and wiring permits are required for any new work and for repairs to any existing plumbing, gas or electrical system. Only a licensed plumber, gas fitter or electrician can obtain these permits.

All signs require a permit.

Field Inspections
Field inspections are required at various stages of construction as determined by your assigned inspector. Wiring and plumbing / gas inspection requests must be made by the licensed electrician or plumber directly with the appropriate inspector. Inspectors are usually available within 24 hours of your request.