Member Bios

Adam Levensohn - Chair
Adam works for IBM as a software development manager for Rational ClearCase. Rational ClearCase is a market leading software configuration management system. Adam was previously the World Wide Manager of the IBM Rational Customer Advocacy Group in the support organization. Adam has been with IBM Rational since 1999 in various roles including
  • Advisory Software Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Project Manager
Prior to joining IBM Rational, Adam worked as a manager for CVS/Pharmacy and Taco Bell. Adam graduated from Franklin Pierce College in 1993 with a BS in Business Management.


Phil Reimann - Vice Chair
With 40+ years experience in the IT industry, Phil works as an independent consultant in the Oracle software/services market, helping organizations address the challenges they face in implementing and maintaining the technologies that ultimately drive their business. Previously, Phil held positions as
  • Account Manager
  • District Manager
  • Director of Field Operations
  • Director of Business Development
  •  VP Sales for large and small companies - most notably McCormack & Dodge, Digital and PeopleSoft - selling application software, services, hardware and tools
Initially Phil began his career in IT working as a
  • Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Development Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Financial Systems in a variety of industries
Phil is 2012 president elect and web master of Framingham Rotary.

Edward Kane
Edward is an accomplished Principal/Senior Software Engineer and the recipient of 2 patents. Ed has consistently excelled in delivering products that directly impact the company’s bottom line. A self-starter and quick learner who has successfully used a wide range of cutting edge technologies to design software products for the
  • Gaming/Social Networking
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • PC Industries
Edward is currently employed by Broadridge Financial developing a content management system, used by financial advisors. Edward graduated with a BSEE from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Walter Adamski
Walt is a retired Senior Operations and Marketing Executive in the telecommunication industry with extensive (45 Years), experience in AT&T Long Lines, NETCO and the later merged NYNEX, Bell Atlantic and Verizon Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC). As a Director of Marketing & Technologies he managed the development and implementation of leading edge digital products including
  • ISDN
  • Video Teleconferencing
  • T1
  • DS3
  • Fiber Optic Network services
Most recently, as Senior Consultant - MODIS, Burlington, MA, Walt was principal Technical Advisor and Project Manager to design, build, and deliver multiple pseudo telephone company infrastructures - used as multifunctional transaction Test Beds by Third Party Auditors (KPMG), and 9 State Public Utilities Commissions. A myriad of unique orders to install, modify, and disconnect services, were issued into these test beds, to permit the Auditor’s and Commissions’ attestation that the ILEC’s (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier’s) Operational Support Systems were sufficiently open to CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) and Resellers. As a result, Verizon became the first RBOC - to receive state regulatory and DOJ support for ultimate FCC approval, to enter into the Long Distance InterLATA markets,

Steve Feldman - Clerk
Steve works for the Boston Consulting Group as an IT Manager in their Global Services office. He currently manages the IT teams which are responsible for development and support of all of BCG's worldwide Finance and HR applications. Prior to that he worked in a variety of corporate IT positions for companies in the high tech industry.

A resident of Framingham since 1986, Steve previously served on the Town of Framingham Finance Committee.

Vale Sundaravel
Vale is an industry veteran with 25+ years of experience in using technology to solve business problems. Since 1997, his professional practices firm has provided technology and management consulting services to companies, particularly in the investment banking industry. He has co-founded a handful of startups and enjoys the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship immensely. He is also a hands-on programmer and a database designer.

Vale received Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India and a MS in Construction Management from Northeastern University, Boston. He has been a Framingham resident since 1993.

Honorary Member - Steven Orr 1955-2013
Steven was a specialist in
  • Unix/Linux systems
  • Compiler design and language components
  • Configuration management
  • Software best practices
  • Toolsmithing
  • Cryptographic security
He was the Founder of 2 startup companies and was also involved in developing programs to help patients with ESRD to find their own living organ donors. Steven received MS in Computer Science from Boston University and a BS in Mathematics from Northeastern University. Steven was a dedicated and passionate member of the Framingham community and will be greatly missed.